Change.. It’s a natural flow of life… but!!


~*Change*~ Is Natural Medicine~ Sure it can be a bitter pill to swallow. The side affects are “Fear, nervousness, loss of emotional stability and possibly hearing voices” The results however are amazing, It bring forward “courage, love, compassion, understanding, happiness, unions, dreams, goals, self confidence and a lot more stability than what you begun with” change happens when there’s a lesson that needs to be learned on your path. Your strong enough to go through it… DO IT ūüôā ‚ô•¬†

It’s so scary when change strikes. It comes un called for, unexplained and leaves you feeling powerless and as if you are not longer in control of the wheel in your own care. But that’s okay. This is here where you learn to let go and Let God. Allow the Universe to steer you in the right direction. learn to not fear that the Angels and the highpowers (God) will not allow you to go through something that is not needed in order for you to suffer. Your not really suffering, your just going through something you cannot explain. Your mind refuses to understand exactly, what your soul has prepared for you on this path… Breathe in… Breathe out and Enjoy, with change comes happy times and beginings.¬†

It’s not always easy to understand and often times can make you angry. If you put the sadness, the anger and the negativity aside you will clearly see things happen for greater purpose.¬†


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Archangel Raphael (The Healing Angel)


Archangel Raphael is the supreme healer in the angelic realm and chief role is to support, heal, and guide in matters involving health. Raphael means “God heals” or “He who heals”
Anytime you call upon Raphael, he’s there. The healing archangel isn’t shy or subtle in announcing his presence. He wants you to know that he’s with you, as a way of comforting you and alleviating stress along your way to a healthy recovery.

Archangel Raphael’s color is emerald green. Many times when people have asked God to send Archangel Raphael to heal them, they’ll being to see bright green lights with their physical eyes. You can also visualize emerald green light around the person or bodily area in need of healing as a way of invoking Archangel Raphael’s presence and healing energy. 

Those who receive a healing from Archangel Raphael usually feel heat and tingling during the angel’s intervention, Sometimes the sensations have a vibrating effect. I believe that the tingles and vibrations are waves of Raphael’s energy pulsating through the body, like healing laser beams. The vibrations undoubtedly push away toxins and open the body’s passages for healthy blood and oxygen flow

But like any other of the Archangels and Angels they will stand by without doing a thing, in order to not interfeear with free-wil therefore if you WANT and NEED the angels, actions and involvement in your life.

You must ASK and REQUEST THEIR HELP before they can intervene 

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Zombies? Cannibals? but fear marijuana

¬†Alright… So I am watching the news this week and all week some strange shit has been happening.

1) This man high on “bath salt drug” eats another man’s face.

2)Another man eats his murder victim’s heart and brain

3) In Canada. Some dude called “Luka Rocco Magnotta” as self-proclaimed porn start dismembers, eats and has sexual activities with a dead man. chops him into pieces and mails some of him to the¬†government

Okay, it’s not the fact that it’s Crime that is troubling me. It’s the actual mind-frame of people. You have people in this World that are extremely, sick. Psychologically twisted and ill and the¬†government¬†is spending millions on a “War on Drugs campaign” and the Drugs they are fighting is “marijuana” I mean c’mon for crying the fuck out loud… Can’t you see that if these assholes would of smoked some more POT!! they would of been hungry for a burger instead of a another human being?

This is not right, There’s a serious need for money from the¬†government¬†to be used in great places. “Education…. Medical studies (not how to get rich of medications.. actual studies of the psychological¬†behaviour¬†of people” These books that were written in 1945 ain’t good no more people.. New drugs, New genes. New people…¬†Behaviour¬†patterns and signs are changing. ¬†But you cannot tell the governement that. they know everything because they get paid to email eachother about changes they make in their countries.¬†

When’s the last time someone from the Office emailed you and asked you how YOU felt about these changes they are doing that are corrupting society?!? take your time.. Don’t worry I’ll Wait…….


still waiting……

Yeah!! That’s what I thought… Not Never!!! ¬†It’s time to wake up people.. Yes! these people are sick, but most of these people had been seen by doctors before.. Had a past history and were not helped, so as much as we want to say “they are sick”¬†

The governement is the ones spreading these psychologically ill individuals on Society… Why???

Cause somebody somewhere is growing a marijuana plant and that’s very very dangerous!!!!!

People are fearing the end of the world and the zombie apocalypse when in reality they need to fear the monsters that our¬†governments¬†are creating. It’s very sad when human nature is suppose to be self love and love of others and it’s become killing for survival. I’ve seen animals with more compassion for other’s than humans—- cynthia roussel visions *copyrights*

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Sooo this is my blog….

¬†So this is going to be my blog. I am sitting here thinking . What on Earth am I going to be able to write daily that will Interest people. Keep YOU all Interested. Then I realized. If your not interested at the end of the day. I am not worried, because I did my mission of sharing information, stories and random things that may or may not help one or thousands of you. Either way, I’m going to be writing about random things.

I am not going to sit here and say that Every SINGLE post that I make is going to be positive and uplifting. Sure I’m a Spiritual Consultant. I’m also a realist and Life is never all easy, happy and cheery. Sometimes things happen and people need to hear every color of the Things that happen in life.

I am not always going to post about happy things. I am not always about positing things about psychic things. I have a lot of random opinions and beliefs that I will be sharing, perhaps most of you will share my thoughts and subjects also ūüėČ

~*Stay Blessed & Stay Focused*~


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